Robotic Solutions

Industrial robots: Keepsake is an Official System partner with KUKA Robotics and provides provides excellent solutions of various Welding and Handling applications as per requirement of customer. We also provide simulations and custom software services.
Heavy fabrication welding:

Long seam

Long Seam

Pressure vessels: Robotic welding helps in by providing continuous and consistent quality. It can weld a long range of materials staring from Sheet metal components to heavy fabrication materials of MS, SS and forged parts.Welding in fabrication industry plays very critical part. Parameters like deformation, shrinkage and weldability plays a critical role. With robotic welding heat input during welding can be precisely controlled giving uniform and quality welding. Weld joints such as “Long Seam”, “Dish End”, “Circumferential” can be easily welded with 100% radiography clearance.

Sheet metal welding:

Sheet Metal Welding

Thin Sheet Welding

BIW welding: Automotive industry runs on sheet metals. And not everything can be spot welded. Thin sheet welding requires optimum welding parameters with the exact balance of filler material for minimum after weld operations. Additional systems such as Vision cameras and touch sensors can be integrated with the system for real time weld seam adjustments.

Handling Applications:

Pick and Place

CNC tending application

CNC tending: Handling components (Sheet metal, grinding, feeding operations) is one of the most frequent operations carried out in any industry. It plays a big role in maintaining cycle time calculations. With help of automation the overall handling process becomes simpler and hassle free. Single robotic system can handle multiple machines.

Palatalizing is another form handling where organised stacking and de-stacking of materials is carried out for improved operations.