Ceramic Coatings

Equipment: Ceramic coatings on pump equipment

Name of the part: Ceramic Coated Sleeves and Plungers

Plunger and Sleeve

Plunger and Sleeve

Problem: A major expense associated with pump operation is replacement of sleeves/plungers. Wear on these components necessitates:
1) Frequent packing adjustment to compensate for dimensional changes caused by wear.

2) Packing material failure due to sleeve surface roughness.

3) Premature pump stoppage due to leaks.

Cause Of The Problem: Abrasion, Corrosion and friction.

Our Solution: Coatings that provide a long lasting wear resistant surface using ceramic oxides or metallic carbides. We have a robotic Plasma transferred arc system (PTA) and flame spray equipment to apply coatings of tungsten carbide in a nickel chrome boron matrix and chromium oxides. The coating thickness is selected based on application wear potential and varies from 0.5mm to 1.5mm in thickness. For severe wear applications PTA coated sleeves last longer.

Compositions used in ceramic coating: Chromium oxide, Alumina Titania, Zirconia, Nickel alloys, Aluminium Bronze.

Industries: Thermal power plants, Sugar industries, Oil and gas sector and chemical process plants are major consumers.