Polymer Coatings

Equipment: Bead Mill

Name of the wear part: Bead Mill Disc

Problem: Bead mill plates are subjected to abrasion and mild impact caused between continuously striking Zirconia bead and finely powdered product.

Cause of the problem: Zirconia beads and powdered product are abrasive in nature. The MOC of the bead mill plate selection should allow a combination of elasticity and hardness yet reduce zirconia bead breakage.

Solution: Bead mill working parameters were set to reduce zirconia bead breakage. Bead mill plates were manufactured as follows:

(a) SS 410 forged ring was welded to an alloy steel plate. Subsequently the fabricated plate was machined to required dimensions.

(b) Polyether based polyurethane of 3 to 5mm thickness was injection molded or cast on the pre fabricated plate. P.U. has a hardness of 90 Shores.

From MS roll to an antistick hard surface.