About Us

KECPL is an Ahmedabad based professionally run decade and half old co. specialized in the field of thermal spray coatings & carbide wear parts. Team is headed by a technocrat who has decades of stint with engineering icons L & T. To produce quality coatings we have an excellent thermal spraying facility and highly skilled and trained team of engineers to do the job successfully. During the period of time co. has renewed their facilities according to the technical advancement adopted in the industry. We are presently equipped with Six axis articulated arm robot to operate our Plasma transferred arc pulsed 350 amp power source, High velocity oxy-fuel systems, Arc spray systems and flame spray guns. We also have manipulators for down hand welding capability.

We aim to employ this unique technology for life enhancement of wear prone parts belonging to various industries. To achieve that goal we have developed special kind of jigs and fixtures to maintain uniformity and accuracy of dimensions of coated parts. This efforts and care resulted in to a sound clientele of OEMs and big end users who are highly satisfied with the performance improvement they are getting by such coatings and wear parts.

We are well aware that we are in the maintenance field where emergency is very routine phenomena. That’s why at the customer level we have customer support engineers, who continuously work with customers to solve their wear and corrosion related problems.



Keepsake Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Limited

2 Meldi Estate, Near Gota Railway Crossing, Gota, Ahmedabad – 382481, Gujarat, India.
Phone: +91-(2717)241731, +919825178380
E-mail: info@keepsake.in